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Cross-functional teams participate in annual Hack Week

Teams of engineers, customer success managers, designers — you name it — gathered at Phosphorus HQ in August for the second annual Phosphorus Hack Week.

A cadre of carefully selected teams received the task of bettering the company through product and process with criteria including creativity and how close the feature was to shipping.

In an event focused on the hack, where do the cross-functional team members come into play? It turns out that to make a good product, it really does take a village.


Daniel Craig

Dan is a versatile marketing strategist and media aficionado with more than 15 years in the space. Prior to Phosphorus, Dan led social/digital teams at Arc Worldwide, Leo Burnett, and through Trier & Company for brands like Allstate Mayhem, Mandiant, Miller Coors, Samsung, and GaN Systems. He just likes technology and making cool things work.