Remediating the Biggest Threats to IoT Devices

As Things have already far exceeeded the number of PC's and Servers combined globally, new techniques and technology are necessary to secure them. Phosphorus has fully automated remediation of the two biggest IoT vulnerabilities, out of date firmware and default credentials.

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Remediating the Biggest Threats

According to Forbes, IoT attacks are up 300% in 2019. The phones, printers, cameras and myriad of other connected devices and sensors have been ignored for decades by cybersecurity companies. Phosphorus automates remediation of the biggest vulnerabilities in IoT today. With a 7 year half-life for vulnerability patching, and infrequent, if ever, credential rotation, IoT is the softest target on the network today.

At Phosphorus we have built technology to remediate these core flaws. It’s time to bring your security posture from 1989 to 2019.

50 Billion

Connected devices by 2020

1.9 Billion

New Smarthome devices in 2019

$6.2 Trillion

Global worth of IoT tech by 2025

The Anatomy of an IoT Attack


Un-patched Firmware


Default Credentials





Threats across many industries

Device protection should be part of any security vision, not an afterthought as it is today. The world of embedded devices is by nature the most heterogenous computing environment we have ever seen, and will change the world in many ways. Innovation is key so that these devices are not used for ingress, pivot and ex-fil by bad actors. By bringing security standards to the world of “things”, these long un-shepharded devices can now be wrangled into compliance, without agents, safely and automatically.

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    The manufacturing industry's total IoT spend in 2016 was $178 billion (and growing), which is more than twice as much than the second largest vertical market (in IoT spend), transportation.

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    IIoT (Industrial IoT)

    Inside every manufacturing plant, aboard every oil rig, and near most any large municipal water facility, there are thousands of devices that control a variety of functions and protect the safety of products and personnel.

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    The market for the internet of things in the healthcare industry is growing steadily, with applications ranging from remote monitoring to medication adherence.

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    Data Centers

    The large number of devices, coupled with the sheer volume, velocity and structure of IoT data, creates challenges, particularly in the areas of security, data, storage management, servers and the data center network, putting real-time business processes at stake.

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    Enterprise / Financial Services

    Within the financial sector, mobile devices, chip-enabled credit cards, and biometric identity verification tools serve as the conduit of information for IoT in financial services.


IoT Best Practices

Read our best practices when deploying the Phosphorus platform

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Features for Remediating IoT Threats


Manage Device Firmware & Credentials

Imagine a Windows PC without a patch in 10 years and no password - this is the current state of IoT security. By providing fully automated patch and credential management and IAM integration, Phosphorus brings Things to a 21st century security posture.

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Automatic Enrollment and Discovery

New devices are rolling out as fast as malware has in the past. The world of Shadow IT now has forked to Shadow IOT, across industries. The ability to automagically wrangle devices into infrastructure reduces labor, and assures compliances with patch management and password rotation policies.

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On Cloud or On-prem

We are agnostic! Run on prem in Docker, or in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

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  • “Phosphorus’ one button IoT device synchronization is industry changing. Now, CSOs have a reliable, easy-to-use solution to combat growing IoT breaches and keep them accountable.”
    - Richard Stiennon, Book author and founding analyst, IT-Harvest
  • “This particular product is a “must-do” given the unquantified IoT exposure that is inherent with large corporations.”
    - Q2 Deployment, CISO of $40B Media company
  • “After the demo you showed me I campaigned around on the idea of doing a PoC – I’m including Phosphorus as a critical need in my budget.”
    - $60B global retailer we are deploying with in Q2