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Comprehensive xIoT Security Management for Manufacturing

Unified xIoT Security Management Platform for OT, ICS, and IIoT Cyber-Physical Systems.

Key benefits of the Unified xIoT Security Management Platform

See every manufacturing xIoT device. Secure every manufacturing xIoT device.

The challenge

OT, ICS, and IIoT systems are an essential and mission-critical part of manufacturing organizations. But because they were historically air-gapped, they have fewer built-in protections and are more vulnerable to attacks and ransomware. And the lack of scalable, cost-effective, and prevention-based ICS security solutions means that securing these cyber-physical systems and assets is a slow, complex, error-prone, costly, and manual process due to legacy passive discovery solutions’ resource and infrastructure dependencies.​​​

IoT Visibility:

Legacy passive discovery solutions depend on network monitoring to perform discovery, resulting in limited visibility, inaccurate inventory, long mean-time-to-inventory, infrastructure dependencies, and high network performance impact. Legacy active solutions fail with xIoT assets primarily because of their intrusive, brute-force device scanning approaches that result in disrupted or dramatically degraded operations.

xIoT Risk Reduction:
The lack of safe, prevention-based xIoT security solutions at scale means that manufacturing organizations could not locate, identify, and reduce industrial control security risks. These solutions include changing default cyber-physical system passwords or fixing risky configurations on embedded devices.

xIoT Monitoring & Automated Alerts:
One of the biggest challenges for long-term xIoT security in manufacturing environments is ‘environmental drift,’ which inadvertently diminishes device security. Typical causes of device drift include end-users or facilities teams who change strong passwords to weak ones, operations team members and IT administrators who modify device configurations, or insider threats who reset devices to factory settings using the “paper clip reset.” 

The Phosphorus​ solution

The Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform is a comprehensive breach prevention solution for securing OT, IIoT, IoMT, IoT and other xIoT devices in organizations. 


Oh. So. Fast.

See complete xIoT discovery results in a fraction of the time as it happens. Using Customized Agendas, Phosphorus IAD generates tiered probe sequences designed to increase the speed of discovery, while dramatically reducing unnecessary traffic on the network.


Oh. So. Accurate.

Complete xloT estate visibility and posture assessment. Phosphorus collects deep, granular device metadata to provide 100% device certainty the first time, every time.


Oh. So. Safe.

Device SAFETY is the foundational characteristic of the Phosphorus platform and approach. No brute-force scanning here. Only safe and intelligent active xIoT discovery using native device protocols. ​ 


Monitor Anything 

Monitor OT/IIoT device state to detect and alert on configuration or operational drift. Keep an eye on on-site changes, like the ol’ “paper clip reset” or resets to factory settings, while looking for new devices being added to your network.


Remediate Your Way

The power to harden and remediate xIoT device vulnerabilities is at your fingertips. Whether it is default credentials, open and risky ports, or End-of-Life and unsupported assets, harden or isolate devices with full control–ensuring the safety of the entire manufacturing environment. 


Common Use Cases

Accurate Discovery & Assessment

Accurate discovery of existing OT, ICS, and IIoT assets is essential in securing any manufacturing organization. The discovery process needs to be custom designed for the xIoT environment. Phosphorus’s Intelligent Active Discovery delivers the industry’s most accurate, fast, and easy-to-deploy discovery & assessment solution.

Password Hardening, Device Hardening, & Isolation

Identifying vulnerable OT, ICS, and IIoT assets is not enough. It is necessary to take action to minimize risk. Whether it is default credentials, open and risky ports, or End-of-Life and unsupported assets, Phosphorus enables security practitioners to harden or isolate devices with complete control – ensuring the safety of the entire manufacturing environment.

Firmware & Certificate Management

Many xIoT assets in manufacturing environments have vulnerable firmware or expired certificates that have never been updated. The Phosphorus Platform tracks firmware and certificates on xIoT assets and provides complete control to upgrade or downgrade firmware, or update expired or self-signed certificates – all at your fingertips.

Integration with Existing Solutions

When adding a security solution to your organization, it must integrate with existing IT stack solutions to deliver rapid ROI. Phosphorus integrates with leading IT solutions, such as PAM, SIEM, SOAR, and asset or vulnerability management vendors.

Continuous Monitoring & Management

Continuously monitor your xIoT attack surface with Phosphorus to detect and alert on configuration drift, elevate deviations from an optimally secure state, and facilitate taking response actions.

Explore the Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform

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Discover & identify IoT, OT, and IIoT devices safely and accurately without impacting them.

Assess & show the risk posture of xIoT devices by identifying weak credentials, end-of-life assets, CVEs, expired certificates, or out-of-date firmware.

Continuous monitoring & management of IoT, OT, and IIoT devices detects environmental drift and ensures compliance with existing regulations.

Integrate with existing IT infrastructure like PAM, SIEM, and SOAR for rapid ROI.

Remediate vulnerabilities with complete control at your fingertips while maintaining the care needed in sensitive environments.

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