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See for yourself how Phosphorus stacks up against expensive and complex legacy IoT and OT solutions – and complete your IoT/OT project for the cost of renewing your existing solution.

Phosphorus (un)Believable Promotion

COMPLETE your IoT & OT Project

with Phosphorus

Let Phosphorus complete your IoT/OT project with the industry’s most comprehensive CPS Protection Platform.
Do it for the price of renewing your existing legacy solution*.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Why It’s Hard to Complete Your IoT/OT Journey With Legacy Tools

Legacy passive IoT and OT solutions in the market are dependent on network monitoring to perform discovery – resulting in many limitations affecting your IoT/OT journey. Meanwhile, Legacy active solutions fail with xIoT assets due to their intrusive device scanning approaches that result in disrupted devices and dramatically degraded operations. The Phosphorus approach does NOT depend on SPAN port traffic analysis for asset discovery and does not use brute-force discovery approaches.
Our Phosphorus (un)Believable Promotion lets you complete your IoT/OT project for the price of renewing your existing legacy solution*.

Limitations of legacy tools


Legacy IoT/OT Solutions
Safe, native communication
No reckless scanning. Only safe and intelligent active xIoT discovery using native device protocols.
Dangerous brute-force
Overwhelms devices, often causing harm and interruption.​ Not designed for xIoT.
DEVICE Analysis
No guesswork here.​ 99% = 0%. 100% device certainty and full xIoT inventory the first time.​
Often results in lower confidence & speculation. Not sufficient for device remediation.
Software-based and agentless. Can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud in minutes.​
SPANs & TAPs—requiring big network switching investments, time, and resources.​
Discovers faster, uses fewer resources, and collects more granular data. Scalable for the largest enterprise environments, with full control.​
Slow, complex, error-prone, costly, and manual – just to name a few.​
HARDENING & Remediation
Goes beyond discovery to full risk remediation for passwords, firmware, certificates, and insecure configurations.​
No built-in remediation.​ Can only isolate using VLANs, which is complex & expensive.​

Customers Choose Phosphorus Over Legacy Solutions


Better Visibility, Discovery, & Risk Assessment

The Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform’s foundational device interaction layer does what Legacy solutions never can. It facilitates direct communication with IoT, OT/ICS, IIoT, and IoMT embedded devices in both authenticated and unauthenticated mechanisms, using their native protocols in a scalable, extensible manner. The patented Phosphorus Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) engine provides active discovery technology inherently attuned to the deployment environment’s nuances.
Safe Discovery: IAD calibrates the platform’s device interactions, dynamically adjusting discovery parameters while ensuring that assets are fully classified with speed, safety, and minimal network impact.
Full Inventory: In large ICS, manufacturing, and healthcare environments, Phosphorus safely provided a FULL inventory of xIoT footprints in minutes or hours. Legacy passive solutions returned partial, inaccurate inventories in days or weeks.
THE RESULT: Phosphorus delivers the fastest, safest, and most accurate discovery of all Cyber-Physical Systems – as well as all non-xIoT devices – leveraging evidence-based identification down to the device type, manufacturer, model/series/family with 100% confidence. Beyond the device detail, you’ll see the full state of things with an in-depth Risk Assessment, including default passwords, out-of-date firmware, risky configurations, and plenty more. 


Lower Cost & Complexity

Legacy, network-centric IoT/OT solutions start with legacy, hardware-based architectures. These tools are costly, resource-intensive, and simply do not scale for xIoT security in today’s enterprise environments. Given their hardware dependencies, they require changes to the environment they monitor, forcing either an agent to be installed, an appliance to be deployed, or a configuration change to the network. This process is intrusive and sometimes impractical for large, multi-site organizations with limited resources. Phosphorus’s highly flexible, agentless architecture can be deployed in 15 minutes, requiring no additional hardware, agents, or configuration changes to the network. 
THE RESULT: Only Phosphorus provides the broadest and most extensible cyber-physical system device coverage, with over 600 different IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT device vendors and over 1 million unique device models covered, surpassing legacy passive solutions dependent on network monitoring. Phosphorus does NOT depend on SPAN port traffic analysis, so it doesn’t suffer from the many limitations of legacy passive solutions – including limited visibility, incomplete or inaccurate inventory, low speed, network performance impact, and infrastructure dependencies.


True Protection

Phosphorus stands alone in its ability to deliver near real-time risk assessment and automate the remediation of the most significant Cyber-Physical System vulnerabilities — including inaccurate asset inventory, default credentials, insecure configurations, out-of-date firmware, out-of-date certificates, discontinued devices, and more. Finally, security practitioners are empowered to harden, remediate, and isolate xIoT devices with complete control.
And the Unified xIoT Security Management and Breach Prevention Platform monitors all of your IoT, OT, IIoT, and IoMT devices to detect environmental configuration, while providing in-depth alert actions for password resets, expired certificates, end-of-life devices, CVEs, expired certificates, out-of-date firmware, new devices, prohibited devices, and more.
The Result: Only Phosphorus can go beyond legacy, detection-based tools and deliver proactive, prevention-based xIoT discovery, assessment, remediation, monitoring, and management with the most advanced CPS Protection Platform available. 

Move Beyond The Past. Focus On The NOW. NEXT. NEVER.

With the Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management and Breach Prevention Platform, you can finally complete your IoT/OT project – all without hardware, hassles, agents, or complexity.

Our (un)Believable Promotion catapults you beyond the past to focus on the NOW. NEXT. NEVER.

Complete the NOW.

Find, Fix, Monitor, and Harden the IoT/OT devices you want to complete today.

Identify the NEXT.

Discover, Assess, and Prioritize your next phase of IoT/OT devices.

Manage & Monitor the NEVER.

Monitor your most sensitive, mission-critical IoT/OT assets to alert on device drift, insecure configurations, and device resets.

Do all of this for the price of your upcoming legacy renewal*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Do all of this for the price of your upcoming legacy renewal*.

*Terms and conditions apply.
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Ready to Try Phosphorus for Yourself?

Take Advantage of an (un)Believable Promotion and see how the Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management and Breach Prevention Platform can complete your IoT/OT journey – all without hardware, hassles, complexity, or added costs. 
  • We understand you’ve invested in a legacy IoT/OT solution. That’s why we want you to try the Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management and Breach Prevention Platform to complete your IoT/OT project and we’ll match the price of your existing legacy solution's annual renewal*.
  • What do you have to lose?

  • *Terms and conditions apply.
Leverage the Phosphorus (un)Believable Promotion and also get:
  • Architecture and Project Scoping with our xIoT experts
  • xIoT Discovery and Risk Assessment License for one site
  • xIoT Platform Onboarding Service, valued at up to $20,000.

Phosphorus included in the Gartner® Market Guide for CPS Protection Platforms

Phosphorus holds a unique position in the fast-growing CPS protection market, as the industry’s only unified and best-of-breed platform covering the entire security and management lifecycle. Some of the key differentiators between Phosphorus and other industry solutions include: CPS Discovery, CPS Risk Assessment, CPS Password Hardening, CPS Patching & Remediation, and CPS Monitoring & Management.

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