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In 45 minutes, we’ll unfold the xIoT security landscape with hacking demonstrations, deep dives into the latest threats and threat actors, and unique research from Phosphorus Labs into millions of production xIoT devices across Global 2000s and Government Agencies.

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Today’s xIoT attacks, perpetrated by cybercriminals and nation-states, result in sensitive data theft, spying, destruction, resource abuse, and more across xIoT, IT, and cloud-based assets in every industry and geography. 
Let us bring our unique research and knowledge to your organization with a personal 45-minute session designed for both technical and non-technical audiences. Your free session will cover:
  • Real hacking demonstrations of xIoT devices like security cameras and industrial robots
  • Research spanning six years and millions of xIoT devices
  • Case studies detailing how and why bad actors are targeting xIoT devices
  • Safe, accurate, & automated xIoT risk mitigation techniques at scale