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Today’s organizations are challenged to keep pace with a new breed of xIoT threats to cyber-physical systems targeting IoT devices (printers, cameras, VoIP phones), OT devices (PLCs, HMI’s, robotics), and network devices (switches, WiFi routers, NAS). These xIoT devices represent a new cybersecurity frontline across enterprises, manufacturing, healthcare providers, utilities, oil & gas, defense, smart cities, smart buildings, smart ships, and more.
Phosphorus has been researching  xIoT device security for over five years across millions of devices and hundreds of organizations worldwide. Let us bring our unique research and knowledge to your organization with a unique 45-minute session that covers:
  • Relevant discoveries across xIoT device visibility, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • An overview of the most exploited xIoT device types
  • Case studies, war stories, and methods to mitigate attacks and risk