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Lab in a Box: Representing the Cyber-Physical Systems category on the go

It’s one thing to hear how we find, fix, and monitor every xIoT device. But to see the lights flicker on a PLC, the reboot of an IP camera, and the password management of an infusion pump before your eyes? That’s special.

Chris Rouland, CEO & co-founder of Phosphorus, and Earle Ady, CTO & co-founder, introduce the latest in Mobile xIoT Security Labs. We built this lab to bring a representative sample of xIoT devices, including IoT, OT, IIoT, and IoMT, to the people, packaged with our Unified xIoT Security Management Platform onboard.

“What we’re representing here is actually a new category called Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS),” says Rouland, “and these Cyber-Physical Systems, these little computers are just as powerful as desktop and laptop computers, but they interact with the physical world. What we did at Phosphorous, we actually built the platform to interact with these devices fundamentally because people don’t interact with these devices, especially the security groups we find typically don’t do the most basic things, such as change passwords, apply security patches, or even change default settings.”

This year Gartner included Phosphorus in its Market Guide for CPS Protection Platforms. Phosphorus holds a unique position in the fast-growing CPS protection market as the industry’s only unified platform covering the entire security and management lifecycle. Some of the key differentiators between Phosphorus and other industry solutions include CPS Discovery, CPS Risk Assessment, and CPS Hardening & Remediation.

The Mobile xIoT Security Lab features a swath of vulnerable devices and enables live demonstrations of automated remediations, including safe firmware updates, device hardening, credential rotation, and monitoring. Participants learn how to find, fix, and monitor their xIoT devices.

  • Find — Identify, assess, and discover all enterprise xIoT Things
  • Fix — Patch, update, and secure all xIoT Things with One-Click remediation
  • Monitor — Ongoing management, detection, and response for all xIoT Things


Daniel Craig

Dan is a versatile marketing strategist and media aficionado with more than 15 years in the space. Prior to Phosphorus, Dan led social/digital teams at Arc Worldwide, Leo Burnett, and through Trier & Company for brands like Allstate Mayhem, Mandiant, Miller Coors, Samsung, and GaN Systems. He just likes technology and making cool things work.