Keep an eye on your xIoT

See every action taken and know when the action is unauthorized.
Phosphorus Cybersecurity®

Know Everything about Every Thing

Phosphorus provides complete visibility and greater awareness of every connected device. With enriched data for every device, you’ll see every Thing and know every Thing so you can finally defend everything. Phosphorus creates enriched data on connected devices, so you understand more than what its MAC address suggests it is. Understand critical information like firmware version, model number and password status, so you can act with the same confidence as any traditional endpoint.

Gain Complete xIoT Visibility

Know the state and change-of-state of every xIoT device.

Eliminate the Enterprise xIoT Security Gap

Phosphorus’s patented inoculation technology is the first and only solution to actually remediate problems, rather than merely reporting them, communicating with xIoT devices in their native protocols. Phosphorus delivers the same level of security and convenience to the xIoT half of your enterprise without adding manpower. 

See Phosphorus in Action

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