Sample List of Global xIoT Device Coverage

Below are sample lists of supported xIoT vendors and device types by Phosphorus.

Over 1 million unique devices and counting...

Phosphorus xIoT Global Device Network

Only Phosphorus provides the broadest and most extensible cyber-physical system device coverage, with over 600 different IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT device vendors and over 1 million unique device models covered, surpassing legacy passive solutions dependent on network monitoring. The Phosphorus approach does NOT depend on SPAN port traffic analysis, so it doesn’t suffer from the many limitations of legacy passive solutions – including limited visibility, incomplete or inaccurate inventory, low speed, network performance impact, and infrastructure dependencies.

The patented Phosphorus “Genus-Species” approach means that more than 1 Million different IoT, OT, IIoT, and IoMT device models are covered.
Phosphorus’s extensible xIoT CPS Protection Platform can add net-new xIoT device coverage in a matter of hours, regardless of the type or vendor.
Last Updated: April 2024

Sample list of IoT Cyber-Physical System devices

Enterprise IoT includes network-connected Cyber-Physical Systems with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that are often found in the carpeted environments in the enterprise workplace – including printers, cameras, door controllers, IP phones, smart lighting, and more.


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Last Updated: March 2024

Sample list of OT Cyber-Physical System devices

Operational Technology, or OT devices, are network-connected Cyber-Physical Systems that detect or cause a change through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, critical infrastructure, SCADA systems, and more – including PLCs, ICSs, HMI Controllers, smart sensors, distributed control systems, UPS, and SCADA systems among others.


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Last Updated: March 2024

Sample list of IIoT Cyber-Physical System devices

Similar to OT devices, Industrial Internet of Things devices are network-connected Cyber-Physical Systems, like industrial robots, smart sensors, PLCs, remote monitors, industrial printers, cellular gateways, barcode scanners, and other devices across sectors including manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, and more.


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Last Updated: April 2024

Sample list of IoMT and Network Cyber-Physical System devices

The Internet of Medical Things brings together sensitive, life-critical healthcare data from machines like infusion pumps and urine analysis devices. These IoMT devices are often on the move, from room to room and floor to floor, so discovery and ongoing management can be a challenge for legacy solutions relying on IP and MAC addresses.


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