Phosphorus Intelligent Active Discovery

The industry's only xIoT Intelligent Active Discovery solution has landed. Safely and actively discover, classify, and assess every IoT, OT, IIoT, and IoMT device.

A new generation of xIoT asset discovery & risk assessment

The Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform is powered by the industry’s first and only scalable Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) engine that is fast, accurate, and safe, across a wide variety of Cyber-Physical System asset classes including Office/Workplace IoT devices, OT and ICS devices, IoMT devices, IIoT devices, and other IPv4 or IPv6-enabled embedded devices. The patented Phosphorus IAD approach intelligently calibrates the platform’s device interactions, dynamically adjusting discovery parameters such as probe sequencing, packet rates, ports in scope, and more – while ensuring that assets are fully classified with speed, safety, and minimal network impact.

Complete visibility
All xIoT devices discovered through active polling, not traffic monitoring. Deterministic discovery means first-time and accurate classification.
Deep discovery
Unmatched high-resolution device detail, with granular risk assessment and deep device metadata.​ All without hardware, agents, or complexity.
Zero disruption
Safety is the foundation of our platform. Devices are fully classified without operational impact on mission-critical, life-critical, and other sensitive cyber-physical devices.​

A tale of two xIoT discovery approaches

Legacy passive discovery solutions are dependent on network monitoring to perform discovery, resulting in limited visibility, inaccurate inventory, long mean-time-to-inventory, and high network performance impact. Legacy active solutions fail with xIoT assets primarily because of their intrusive, brute-force device polling approaches that result in disrupted or dramatically degraded operations.


Fast discovery with immediate results

Phosphorus’s Intelligent Active Discovery solution delivers the industry’s lowest mean time-to-inventory (MTTI). As part of the Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform, it assesses xIoT assets up to 98% faster than traditional passive scanners, and is up to 95% more efficient (lighter) than legacy active scanners. Using Customized Agendas, Phosphorus IAD generates tiered probe sequences designed to increase the speed of discovery, while dramatically reducing unnecessary traffic on the network.

Time-to-discovery for select xIoT customer environments:

More than 95% CLASSIFIED

Global 500 machinery & robotics conglomerate

xIoT Discovery across an OT site (1,778 IPs) was accomplished in about 4 minutes.

Leading agricultural machinery manufacturer

xIoT Discovery across a select customer network was accomplished in about 8 minutes.

Leading managed healthcare consortium

xIoT Discovery across a select customer network was accomplished in about 11 minutes.

Large American energy & exploration company

xIoT Discovery across a select customer network was accomplished in about 12 minutes.

Global economic zone and smart city

xIoT Discovery across the network (~65k IPs) was accomplished in about 18 minutes.

Global financial services company

xIoT Discovery across a range of 1.2 Million IPs was accomplished in about 6 hours 40 minutes.

Only Phosphorus delivers deep discovery and xIoT attack surface visibility this fast with zero disruption.

Accurate to an x-I-o-T

Have confidence in your network discovery. Phosphorus Intelligent Active Discovery is evidence-based – no guesswork required. By collecting deep, granular device metadata, IAD provides 100% device certainty the first time, every time.

Covers a vendor list a mile long…

  • Phosphorus covers more than 500 different IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT device vendors and manufacturers.
  • The patented Phosphorus “Genus-Species” approach means that more than 1 Million different device models are covered.
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…and growing.

  • Phosphorus’s extensible xIoT Breach Prevention platform can add net-new capabilities, ultra-fast.
  • Net-new xIoT device coverage can be added in a matter of hours, regardless of the type or vendor.

Minimal impact. Maximum results.

Phosphorus Intelligent Active Discovery is far more efficient than legacy solutions that strain network resources. Our IAD solution has no network performance impact and sends a fraction of the traffic compared to legacy passive solutions.

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Finally. xIoT discovery that’s safe.

Safety is the foundation of our platform. Devices are fully classified without operational impact on more sensitive, mission-critical, and life-critical devices. With full control over Intelligent Active Discovery, you set the agenda, so you can safely find every Thing.
ZERO disruption

Devices are fully classified with ZERO disruption.

Customized discovery agendas

Customized Discovery Agendas for a tiered sequence of probes ensuring safety.

Safely discovery all xIoT devices

Safely discover even the most sensitive, legacy, and critical OT, ICS, and IoMT devices.


xIoT asset attributes in high resolution

Think fast because we’re throwing a lot at you. Get more device metadata and context than ever, including the make, model, firmware version, and whether or not that device is still supported or end-of-life.

High-fidelity xIoT asset attributes:
Device type
Device identifier
Serial number
Model number
Firmware version
Active protocols
Open ports
Active services
Device family-specific detail
Device manufacturer-specific detail
Password configuration
In-depth xIoT risk assessment and alerts

Beyond device detail, you’re going to see the state of things with in-depth Risk Assessment info as part of the device interrogation process.

Go from FIND to FIX
Phosphorus Intelligent Active Discovery is just one part of the industry’s only xIoT Breach Prevention platform that allows you to go from complete visibility to complete remediation. Now you can Find, Fix, Monitor, and Manage all of your xIoT with just one unified platform.
Continuous detection & response
Continuous monitoring & management.
Integration with existing solutions
Integrate with existing IT infrastructure.
Remediation & patch management
Remediate with a click of a button.
Password and device configuration hardening
Proactive credential and risky configuration hardening actions.
Intelligent active discovery & risk assessment
Discover and identify.
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