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Leading data center providers are now leveraging xTended Internet of Things (xIoT) devices – including IoT and OT Cyber-Physical Systems – more extensively than ever across local and global facilities.

The State of Things

0 %
of IoT and OT devices deployed with default credentials.
0 %
increase in xIoT malware attacks
~ 0 %
of Data Center UPS devices are vulnerable to attack—including insecure passwords, open Telnet ports, & unpatched firmware.
0 %
of organizations can’t identify most of their IoT and OT devices.
0 %
of xIoT devices are end-of-life and no longer supported.

The Challenge

Data Center operators need to be able to identify and assess all of their IoT and OT devices – like Static Transfer Switches, communication cards, chillers, PDUs, cameras, rack cabinets, and more – while hardening, remediating, and monitoring them for the most significant device vulnerabilities, including:
Unknown Asset Inventory

Default Credentials

Out-of-Date and Vulnerable Firmware

Risky Configurations

Banned and End-of-Life Devices

Expired of Self-signed Certificates


The Phosphorus​ solution

The Phosphorus Unified xIoT Security Management Platform delivers the industry’s only proactive solution for finding, remediating, monitoring, and managing IoT, OT, and IIoT Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Real-World Use Cases

High-Fidelity Asset Inventory & Risk Assessment

Complete visibility of xIoT estates across all data center facilities, with granular risk context that cannot be obtained with passive, SPAN port-dependent solutions.

Expired & Self-Signed Certificates

Companies can’t revoke expired or self-signed certificates & often lose track. Update certificates for 1000s of xIoT devices, like Raritan PDUs, in minutes.

Banned xIoT Devices

Find and remove FCC-banned xIoT devices — produced by manufacturers like Huawei, ZTE, Dahua, and Hikvision — from your network.

Password Hardening

Proactively change default credentials & schedule password rotations on IP cameras, UPSs, HVAC controllers, gateways, PDUs, building automation, and other CPS devices.

Insecure Ports & Protocols

Many xIoT devices ship with risky protocols enabled by default. Turn off services and disable insecure ports & protocols, including Telnet.

ServiceNow & Check Point Integration

Achieve unrivaled organizational efficiencies with platform integrations, delivering automated ticketing and workflows, and centralized visibility and protection across all xIoT estates.

See Phosphorus in Action

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