Automatically Manage Credentials & Passwords

Identify and rotate default and outdated credentials on all of your xIoT devices.

Phosphorus Cybersecurity®

Rotate All Passwords With One Click

Most xIoT devices are shipped with default credentials that are never rotated, enabling malicious actors to walk in the front door of these xIoT devices. Phosphorus automatically, periodically rotates credentials on your xIoT devices to keep your devices in compliance. For your devices with default credentials, Phosphorus automatically enrolls them in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool and rotates the credentials upon detection.

xIoT Credential Management

Remediating your devices against a top threat to xIoT - weak or default credentials.

Our Solutions

Gain full enterprise protection with our solutions. Audit xIoT inventories. Meet compliance requirements and industry regulations. Automate key tasks like policy enforcement and patching updates – all at a fraction of the cost. 

Our Integrations

Phosphorus is efficient, non-invasive and scalable. Eliminate the xIoT security gap, all within your existing security environment. 

See Phosphorus in Action

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