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xIoT Security? We Know a Thing or Two.
Phosphorus Cybersecurity

We're here to eliminate the xIoT security gap

More than the half of the connected devices in your enterprise may be beyond your reach. They’re almost certainly beyond your security. Phones. Badge readers. Smart devices. Security cameras. There are now more Internet of Things (xIoT) devices in the world than there are people, and in business, Internet of Things devices now frequently out-number laptops, mobile devices and all other traditional endpoints combined. Seemingly overnight, xIoT devices have become central to your enterprise in numbers and function.
So why aren’t they secured that way? Phosphorus is here to eliminate the xIoT security gap with the only remediation platform that finds every Thing, fixes every Thing and brings every Thing into compliance. Integrated into your existing security orchestration, Phosphorus means you can bring the same level of security and convenience to the xIoT half of your enterprise without adding manpower.

Our Leadership Team

The Phosphorus leadership team has a track record of proven success in cybersecurity. Our founders and cybersecurity experts have built three successful companies from their visionary ability to create technical solutions for complex problems.

Our Integration Partners

xIoT devices likely make up half your enterprise, but securing your Things doesn’t mean doubling the work. Phosphorus integrates into existing tools, so added security isn’t an added hassel.
“Device protection should be the first priority in the corporate vision rather than an afterthought. The rise of xIoT cybersecurity is great — basic blocking and tackling, like applying firmware from this decade and changing the password, is more practical.”

Chris Rouland
Founder & CEO, Phosphorus

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