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TheStreet: Russian Hackers Are Targeting American Oil Refineries

TheStreet: Russian Hackers Are Targeting American Oil Refineries

An excerpt from TheStreet article, ‘Russian Hackers Are Targeting American Oil Refineries’ 

The traditional model of criminal and nation-state attacks is changing because of the Russian war in Ukraine, Brian Contos, chief security officer of Phosphorus Cybersecurity in Nashville, Tenn., that specializes in IoT/OT and other physical systems, told TheStreet.

“As both the Ukraine war and economic crisis worsens for Russia, there is a significant risk that Russia’s cyber teams will start acting out more aggressively in attacks on the U.S. and the West,” he said. “The energy industry would be a significant focus of those attacks.”

While many energy companies already claim their systems are “air gapped” from the main corporate network, that is always not completely true, Contos said.

“There are often still shared resources between the two that a sophisticated hacker could exploit,” he said. “Since energy companies have also been transitioning much of their network activity to cloud-based systems, that is another area that needs to be better protected.”

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Brian Contos

Chief Security Officer
With two IPOs & seven acquisitions Brian has helped build some of the most successful security companies in the world for 25+ years. He is a seasoned executive, board advisor, security company entrepreneur, author, and award-winning podcaster.

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