News May 16, 2022

TheStreet: Hackers Use QR Codes to Steal Your Money

An excerpt from the TheStreet article, ‘Hackers Use QR Codes to Steal Your Money’

Avoid downloading QR readers from a QR code because it is often a trick used by scammers “just like getting people to download fake antivirus on their laptops where the download app is actually malware,” Brian Contos, chief security officer of Phosphorus Cybersecurity, a Nashville.-based IoT security company, told TheStreet.

“It’s a good practice not to download anything from a QR code scan,” he said. “Be skeptical and don’t share sensitive information unless you are sure it’s legitimate. A sticker or flier on a light pole should be sounding an alarm in your head. If someone is requesting a payment, on a parking ticket for example, you can trust that there are going to be multiple methods for someone to pay.”

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