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Phosphorus Showcases Game-Changing Enterprise xIoT Security Management Platform at RSAC 2023

The world leader in xIoT breach prevention is also unveiling the industry’s first Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) solution that safely and accurately discovers and assesses all IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT devices.

NASHVILLE, TN – Phosphorus, the leading provider of proactive and full-scope breach prevention for the xTended Internet of Things (xIoT), is bringing cyber-physical security innovation to RSAC 2023 with its groundbreaking Enterprise xIoT Security Management Platform and the industry’s first and only Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) solution for IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT devices. Phosphorus is also a proud supporting sponsor of IoT Village in the RSAC Sandbox and will be hosting several interactive hacking and security demonstrations of vulnerable xIoT devices throughout the conference.

After more than six years of research spanning millions of production devices, Phosphorus has determined that 68% of xIoT devices have high-risk or critical CVEs, device firmware is on average six years old, and password compliance is at a dismal 1%. These problems are exacerbated by the lack of effective industry solutions, as traditional tools and approaches developed for IT systems are unable to directly communicate with xIoT devices in order to safely and effectively discover, assess, and remediate them. Most also cannot provide continuous drift monitoring and detection and response capabilities.

This is one of the reasons why Phosphorus has found that 80% of corporate security teams cannot identify the majority of their xIoT devices – let alone secure them.

xIoT is an enormous attack surface that grows bigger every year and these risks are not properly addressed with traditional security solutions, which are IT-centric and lack the capability to safely and effectively interact with xIoT devices,” said John Vecchi, Chief Marketing Officer of Phosphorus. “Attackers are constantly evolving their tactics and Cyber-Physical Systems are the next big target. Enterprises and organizations are now clamoring for best-of-breed, prevention-based platforms that can accurately and safely discover, assess, remediate, monitor, and manage the vast array of IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT assets. Phosphorus stands alone in our ability to deliver this game-changing xIoT breach prevention technology.”

Unprecedented Intelligent Active Discovery Solution

At RSAC 2023, Phosphorus is unveiling the world’s fastest, most accurate, and safest active discovery and posture assessment solution for the full range of IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT devices. Phosphorus’s Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) solution is a game-changer for enterprise security. For the first time, organizations of any size can have total visibility and risk assessment across the myriad of non-IT assets lurking in their networks and remediate them before attackers can take advantage. 

Phosphorus’s unique ability to communicate with embedded xIoT devices in their native  protocols allows it to provide full inventories and 100% device certainty for the first time – while also providing the broadest depth of high-resolution risk assessment and device metadata. The company’s evidence-based risk assessment capability collects over 3X more data points from xIoT assets than other services (including high-fidelity analysis of device posture, status of device credentials, current firmware version and CVEs, certificate status, risky configurations, device End of Life status, etc.) making it significantly more granular and accurate than traditional vulnerability scanning or passive network monitoring-based approaches.

Phosphorus’s IAD engine – part of the Enterprise xIoT Security Management Platform – includes the only scalable active discovery approach that leads the industry in Visibility Completeness, Classification Accuracy, Discovery Depth, and Mean Time to Inventory, with minimal network impact. 

Learn More at the Phosphorus xIoT Security Suite

Receive a live demonstration of Phosphorus’s Enterprise xIoT Security Management Platform and experience the first and only Intelligent Active Discovery (IAD) solution at the company’s xIoT Security Suite in the St. Regis Hotel.  

Currently deployed in Fortune 500 networks, Phosphorus’s Enterprise xIoT Security Management Platform is the industry’s only best-of-breed xIoT breach prevention offering, delivering enterprise Attack Surface Management through Intelligent Active Discovery & Risk Assessment, Credential Hardening, Remediation and Patch Management, and Detection and Response across the full range of IoT, OT, IoMT, and IIoT devices. 

Check Out Phosphorus’s Hands-On Events at RSAC

Phosphorus is hosting a number of interactive experiences at the RSA Conference.

As a supporting sponsor of IoT Village in the RSAC Sandbox, Phosphorus is hosting live hacking demonstrations of smart cameras recently banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This event will show attendees how bad actors can take advantage of these high-risk devices (which still lurk inside many US corporate and industrial networks) and what companies can do to secure them.

Attendees can also participate in Phosphorus’s one-of-a-kind Mobile xIoT Security Lab, which offers hands-on experiences in exploiting and securing 10 widely used enterprise, medical, and industrial xIoT devices that contain high-risk or critical CVEs (see this at Phosphorus’s xIoT Security Suite in the St. Regis Hotel).

Brian Contos is delivering an RSAC Sandbox presentation on “xIoT Hacking Demonstrations & Strategies to Disappoint Bad Actors” (April 26, 9am Pacific) that will demonstrate several hacks against xIoT devices, including an industrial robot arm, and share stories from the trenches involving cybercriminals, nation-state actors, and defenders.

To learn more about Phosphorus’s new security solutions and activities at RSAC 2023 (April 24-27), or to schedule a meeting or personalized demonstration with the Phosphorus team, sign up here.


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