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Interview with Chris Rouland: How—And Why—Businesses Should Secure Their IoT Devices

Interview with Chris Rouland: How—And Why—Businesses Should Secure Their IoT Devices

An excerpt from Expert Insights‘ article, “Interview: How—And Why—Businesses Should Secure Their IoT Devices” with Phosphorus CEO Chris Rouland

In recent years, the network perimeter has moved, with many employees working remotely at least part-time. How big is the risk to organizations of users having personal IoT devices in the home?

I think about this a lot, and believe we’ve got to take this one bite at a time. I think the bigger risks are the vulnerable devices that are actually in your office. If I were a CISO, I’d put those at the top of my priority list and address them first.

But another risk is the fact that your workforce is now probably more than 50% remote, so you’re going to inherit the vulnerabilities that exist on their network, wherever they may be—whether it’s a Starbucks, in their smart home, or in a cyber cafe. All of those are dirty environments.

When I started this company, we built our product as a consumer iPhone and Android app to secure the home. But we had to decide whether we wanted to focus on enterprise or consumer security first, and we chose enterprise. I still am planning on going back into that consumer space, but our priority is securing those devices in the enterprise, since those are the biggest risk.


That’s just one of the questions CEO Chris Rouland answered in his interview with Expert Insights, wherein they discuss the biggest IoT offenders in the workplace, the risk of connecting personal IoT devices to the corporate network, and how businesses can improve their IoT security. Read the full article here.


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