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Phosphorus Unveils Interactive xIoT Security Lab and Experiences at S4x23 as a Prime Sponsor

xIoT security leader will showcase interactive hacking demonstrations, a hands-on lab, CTF and more at S4 to raise awareness about the security risks of critical OT, ICS, IoT, and Network devices. 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Phosphorus, the leading provider of proactive and full-scope security for the extended Internet of Things (xIoT), is proud to be a Prime Sponsor at S4x23, a leading conference focused on the future of OT and ICS cybersecurity. As part of its S4 presence, Phosphorus will offer live demonstrations of high-risk OT/ICS and IoT devices through its Mobile xIoT Security Lab, speaking sessions on the state of xIoT security and how to thwart bad actors, as well as a “Mystery Device” security and hacking challenge which it is hosting as part of S4’s ICS CTF.

The company’s interactive, on-site space and experiences at S4 will provide attendees with hands-on opportunities to examine the security risks posed by widely used xIoT devices and to test their skills at discovering, analyzing, and exploiting these vulnerable devices. All of these events, from the mobile lab to the CTF and speaking sessions, will be located at Phosphorus’s S4 sponsor room at the Sundial Room, 3rd Floor of the Loews Hotel.

“The ability to move beyond just detecting threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities that target critical OT, IoT, IIoT, and Network devices is still poorly understood, which is why we’re making these hands-on, prevention-based activities a key part of our sponsorship and presence at this year’s S4,” said John Vecchi, Chief Marketing Officer of Phosphorus. “We want to move beyond the high-level discussions to physically show attendees just how vulnerable and easily exploitable these devices can be, while also demonstrating our ability to proactively find, fix, and manage  them. And over the coming year, our new xIoT research division, Phosphorus Labs, will be releasing new research highlighting the persistent security issues, challenges, and vulnerabilities with xTended Internet of Things devices.” 

One-of-a-Kind Security Lab at S4

Phosphorus’s Mobile xIoT Security Lab offers S4 participants a unique hands-on experience in securing 10 high-risk industrial and enterprise devices, each of which contains CVEs with CVSS scores of 8-10. All of the devices and vulnerabilities included in the lab are commonly found in real-world deployments, although most organizations are unaware of the risks.

This interactive lab features live demonstrations of automated xIoT breach prevention, including safe firmware updates, device hardening, credential rotation, and management. Participants will also learn how to FIND (identify, assess, discover), FIX (patch, update, secure), and MONITOR (ongoing management, detection and response) their xIoT devices.

S4 Prime Sessions on Thwarting xIoT Attacks

Phosphorus Chief Security Officer Brian Contos and CMO John Vecchi will share xIoT security stories from the trenches in their presentation, xIoT Hacking Demonstrations & Strategies to Disappoint Bad Actors,” during the S4 Prime Sessions on Monday, February 13th at 3pm and 4pm. 

The presentation, which is based on over six years of xIoT threat research spanning millions of production devices in live network environments, will include hacking demonstrations, detailed security research findings, and threat mitigation techniques that security teams can use to thwart bad actors and reduce their overall xIoT attack surface.


Phosphorus is a participating sponsor in the S4 ICS CTF. As part of this event, the company is hosting a “Mystery Device” security and hacking challenge where participants will have to identify, exploit, and navigate an xIoT device in search of a flag. As a secondary, virtual challenge, Phosphorus has created an ICS PCAP that participants must analyze for clues.

Phosphorus Research Identifies Top Risks in Critical Devices

The Phosphorus team will be sharing new research on OT/ICS and IoT security risks from its recently released “xIoT Threat & Trend Report.” This report revealed significant security failures across the full range of connected devices that are commonly used in critical industries, organizations, and commercial enterprises.

Come check out Phosphorus’s many S4 activities, hands-on experiences, CTF challenge and security research, and enjoy our open espresso bar and free IV therapy by visiting us at the Sundial Room, 3rd Floor of the Loews Hotel, February 13-16. Attendees can also get an in-depth look and demonstration of our award-winning Enterprise xIoT Security Platform, the industry’s only consolidated xIoT breach prevention solution.

To learn more about Phosphorus’s on-site activities at S4, or to schedule a meeting or demo with the Phosphorus team, sign up here.


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