iSMG: Art Coviello on Market Trends, Emerging Tech

The Former RSA CEO offers a cybersecurity ‘State of the Union’ with this video from Bank Info Security. In it, Art Coviello, Chairman of the Board at Phosphorus, also discusses: 

  • The state of the industry;
  • Emerging technologies he’s watching as an investor;
  • How the Russia-Ukraine war has affected security strategies and programs.

Coviello has been a central figure in the information security industry for more than 25 years. He served as President and CEO of RSA Security, one of the most iconic brands in cybersecurity. He is frequently a featured presenter at conferences and forums around the world, and he has played key roles in several national cybersecurity initiatives.

When you think about the number of servers and PCs, it’s in the 10s of millions. But when you think about the number of IoT devices, it will be in the billions and billions and billions, so it’s an absolutely enormous market. And it will be a vector of attack for attackers to take control of these and use them against us.

Art Coviello on Phosphorus and the IoT and OT security space


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