We talk with a lot of people, and sometimes, we find that they’re not quite aware of the omnipresence of IoT devices in the workplace and beyond. And if they’re not aware of them, how are they going to secure these cyber-physical systems?

Surely Black Hat 2023 attendees will know the answers to our questions. So we walked the floor at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to find out. Do you know the answers?

  1. What is IoT?
  2. What encompasses enterprise IoT?
  3. What percentage of printers in the enterprise space are on default credentials?

And here’s a bonus question: how many of those printers that don’t have default credentials were only changed when they were set up?


Daniel Craig

Dan is a versatile marketing strategist and media aficionado with more than 15 years in the space. Prior to Phosphorus, Dan led social/digital teams at Arc Worldwide, Leo Burnett, and through Trier & Company for brands like Allstate Mayhem, Mandiant, Miller Coors, Samsung, and GaN Systems. He just likes technology and making cool things work.