Phosphorus Presents — a 15-30-60 xIoT Series Event

Survival of the Fastest

Reaching the 15-30-60 xIoT Rule for Proactive IoT/OT Threat Prevention.

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It’s survival of the fastest in sensitive IoT and OT environments, and most organizations aren’t even in the race.

Watch our in-depth webcast exploring the new 15-30-60 xIoT Rule – a framework in IoT, OT, and IoMT Cyber-Physical System discovery and remediation that helps organizations discover, harden, and remediate xIoT devices quickly.
Learn how to transform your xIoT security management strategy, achieve comprehensive threat prevention, and close the security gaps in your IoT, OT, and IoMT Cyber-Physical Systems environment. Stay ahead of emerging threats with proactive, efficient, and automated solutions.

This Phosphorus Webcast Event sets the stage with...

Once you know what’s at stake, we’ll outline why you need to reach the 15-30-60 metric and how to get there, complete with case studies showcasing the entire xIoT security management journey. Now is the time to see how you can safely, proactively, and efficiently secure your Cyber-Physical Systems to fundamentally reduce risk.

Meet the hosts:

What You Will Learn

In this Phosphorus Webcast Event, you’ll learn about…

Today's xIoT Landscape

The Cybersecurity Challenges of Current State Solutions

Measuring the effectiveness of the 15-30-60 xIoT Rule

The 15-30-60 xIoT Rule in the Real World: A Case Study

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