Enterprise xIoT Security Is a Jungle.

Enterprises are crawling with xIoT and OT devices, Things we depend on and count on. More than one-third of all endpoints are now xIoT. And the vulnerabilities they create? It’s one Thing after another.

But with Phosphorus you can protect your enterprise from the beastly problems you know are out there, and the ones you don't. Eliminate the xIoT security gap — and change Things for the better.

Thing 01

From the alcove in the office you always forget is there... comes the Black-Ink Widow!
  • Creeps through even the most secure firewalls.
  • Burns through your data like the toner you just bought.

Thing 02

The Spython! The omnipresent eye is designed to watch over your enterprise, but when unsecured…
  • It sees your vulnerabilities.
  • And it adds 100 pounds to your security profile.

Security is Every Thing

After a free 30-minute Phosphorus demo, you’ll realize how easy it can be to start whipping your enterprise IoT and OT security into shape.

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Don’t let bad Things happen to good enterprises.

In a world

Where the Tamed Things Are

Patch Management Is Push-Button Easy

Upgrade firmware for all your IoT and OT devices with a click and not a snarl.

Total Asset Inventories Is What We’re Talking About

Detect and communicate with IoT and OT devices in their native languages and protocols so nothing lurks in the shadows.

Compliance That Belongs in a Museum

… or at least securing one. Be compliant with existing IoT and OT regulations and the regulations yet to come.

Credential Management That’s Always Up to Date

Weak and default passwords lead to weak and faulty enterprise security. Know what’s out of date. Fix it automatically.


With fully monitored IoT and OT, reduce or eliminate liability for attacks against your digital resources. Just one Phosphorus click can mean full IoT protection… and fortune and glory.

Retail Security That Fits to an IoT

In retail, IoT is the new ‘in Thing’ in customer experience and operations management. With enriched data for every IoT device, turn security into service.

Compliance in DoD and IC That Defends With Intelligence

Ensure compliance with three of the four main pillars of the IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2020 – identity management, firmware patching, and configuration management without more billets.


More Things Mean
More Vulnerabilities

of IoT/OT devices are using default passwords


of enterprises have experienced an IoT/OT breach


of IoT/OT devices are operating with critical or high vulnerabilities


Tame Devices Make for Wild Data

of IoT/OT devices accurately detected with Phosphorus


of IoT/OT vulnerabilities automatically remediated with Phosphorus


less cost to secure and manage IoT/OT devices with Phosphorus

versus DIY IoT/OT security projects

Integration Partners


  • Confidently secure half your enterprise devices as conveniently as traditional endpoints.
  • Scale the technology for today’s Things and those to come, all within your existing security environment.
  • Fix beastly Things by inoculating them, rather than merely identifying, segmenting, or quarantining.
  • Detect all connected Things non-invasively by communicating in their native languages without intrusive, potentially damaging scans.

Ready to Tame Your Things?

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