See All of Your Enterprise xIoT

Detect your xIoT by communicating with these devices the way they were meant to be communicated with.

Phosphorus CybersecurityTM

Full xIoT Inventory

Most scanners require expensive SPAN ports or repurpose legacy tools that were not meant to detect xIoT. They often miss devices or knock them over in an attempt to detect them.

Phosphorus uses patented technology to communicate safely with xIoT, not just determining IP and MAC address detail, but also the make, model, serial number, firmware version, and even telling you if a device has been discontinued. You will know every xIoT device on your network so you can properly manage every one. 

Full Visibility Down to the Smallest Detail

Phosphorus gives you every bit of actionable information you need on every device to manage and secure your agent-less endpoints.

Eliminate the Enterprise xIoT Security Gap

Phosphorus’s patented inoculation technology is the first and only solution to actually remediate problems, rather than merely reporting them, communicating with xIoT devices in their native protocols. Phosphorus delivers the same level of security and convenience to the xIoT half of your enterprise without adding manpower. 

See Phosphorus in Action

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