Strategies to secure your IT and xIoT inventory.
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Illuminate Your IT Assets and xIoT Risks

Today’s IT environments are complex: employees are joining and leaving, offices are opening, expanding, or sometimes downsizing. When purchasing isn’t centralized (or even when it is), new devices can be added to your network without the knowledge of IT teams. These changes, collectively called environmental drift, all present risks to your organization if devices are unmanaged or unknown. So how can you get a comprehensive view into your environment and all the xIoT assets you need to manage and protect?

In this latest webinar from Phosphorus and Sevco, we’ll shine a light on the extent of the problem, why it poses a risk to your organization, and what you can do about it. You’ll learn:

  • Why organizations’ estimates of their xIoT device inventories can be off by more than 40%

  • How these gaps in visibility can lead to vulnerabilities from out-of-date firmware, credentials, certificates, and more

  • What tools and strategies organizations can use to create up-to-date inventories to find and close these vulnerabilities

  • What to do to harden your xIoT attack surface once identified

Solution Brief

Extended Asset Intelligence for the Enterprise: A unified xIoT asset inventory enriched with high-fidelity, granular device data.
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