Webcast Event
JULY 20, 2023
11:00AM CT

xIoT Security Essentials: Find, Fix, and Manage

Priorities for securing your OT, IIoT, and IoMT estates.
Phosphorus Cybersecurity®

How to Proactively Protect and Monitor your Cyber-Physical Assets.

xIoT devices are built differently. The constraints on single-use devices, such as sensors, monitors, controllers, and cameras, often discourage xIoT device vendors from building security features that might require significant power and computing resources. This webinar will identify the current threat landscape, informing you about the unique characteristics of Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS), as well as enterprise IoT, IIoT, and IoMT. Then set foot on the full journey, learning how to protect these cyber-physical assets, collectively known as xIoT, from cyber attack and exploitation.
In this webinar we will explore:
  • The current threats facing Cyber-Physical Systems across industrial, OT, and medical
  • The top 3 priorities for proactive xIoT security
  • Challenges in addressing these priorities
  • The industry verticals most exposed and why 
Meet the speakers:
  • David Neuman (Senior Analyst, TAG Cyber)
  • John Vecchi (Chief Marketing Officer, Phosphorus)
  • Sonu Shankar (Vice President of Product, Phosphorus)

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