The Backbone of Military & Intelligence IoT Security

Ensuring secure, reliable device performance on through basic, scalable IoT security hygiene.

IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020

Phosphorus ensures compliance with three of the four main pillars of the IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2020 – identity management, firmware patching, and configuration management. By automating these fundamental security requirements, the Defense and Intelligence communities can scale digital modernization without requiring more billets to manage IoT.

Phosphorus for Defense & Intelligence

Find every Thing, fix every Thing, and be compliant in every Thing.

See Every Device on Your Network

Phosphorus provides you with a full inventory of your IoT devices, a basic starting point to fully managing and securing your agent-less endpoints. See every device so you can secure every device.

Identity Management

Seamless Integration with Your PAM Tool

Phosphorus enables automated compliance with your credential management policies, conducting periodic rotation of your passwords with or without the click of a button. Default credentials are automatically detected, enrolled, and rotated to maintain control of your ioT and to own unauthorized IoT.


Automated, Agent-less Firmware Management

Phosphorus gives full visibility into every firmware version and associated CVE, and enables you to update or downgrade firmware for every device at the click of a button. It acts as a radical force multiplier, reducing thousands of man-hours to less than a day’s work.

“It is essential that data received be securely received... (Phosphorus’) innovative solution has the potential to significantly enhance the security of (our) IoT capabilities…”

Phosphorus Customer Chief Technology Officer , Department of Defense

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