Complete xIoT Visibility

Bring your shadow xIoT into the light with Phosphorus’s unique xIoT scanning capability
Phosphorus Cybersecurity®

No More Shadow xIoT

Unlike typical scanners that use expensive SPAN ports to sniff traffic or knock over your xIoT by blasting it with signals hoping to get a return, Phosphorus uses a tool uniquely designed to communicate with xIoT devices to give you full visibility into what is on your network. Many companies claim to give you granular visibility while only detecting the MAC and IP addresses. Phosphorus identifies every device down to the make, model, firmware version, and whether or not that device is still supported.

Specifically Designed for xIoT

Phosphorus is specifically designed to provide a complete inventory of your xIoT devices with all the information required to maintain them.

Our Solutions

Gain full enterprise protection with our solutions. Audit xIoT inventories. Meet compliance requirements and industry regulations. Automate key tasks like policy enforcement and patching updates – all at a fraction of the cost. 

Our Integrations

Phosphorus is efficient, non-invasive and scalable. Eliminate the xIoT security gap, all within your existing security environment. 

See Phosphorus in Action

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